Pediatric and Adolescent Care Medicine

Dr. Salihi and his staff promise to.....
...provide your children the best, individualized medical care,
...always treat our patients and families efficiently, honestly and respectfully,
...give our patients and families all of our support and understanding.

We are the most flexible Pediatric medical office in the area accepting "walk-in" visits for any reason at any time.  We also schedule appointments.

                                                 Office Hours
                                           Mon.     9:30  -  5:30
                                          Tues.      9:30  -  5:30
                                          Wed.      12:00  -  8:00
                                         Thurs.      9:30  -  5:30
                                             Fri.      9:30  -  5:30
                                      Accepting all medical insurances.

After office hours, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, top-quality medical help for your children is a phone call away.

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                                          Dr. Akram A. Salihi M.D.
                                           Fuller Medical Center
                                               6918 Ridge Road
                                              Baltimore, MD  21237
                                                (off Rossville Blvd.)
                                           Phone: (410) 238-7447